January 27, 2011


  • Michelle Lynn Level 6 NVQ Certificate in BSL, 2014-2015 I’ve loved BSL Level 6 and would definitely recommend others to train using the Fylde Coast BSL Centre. It’s a very positive learning environment with encouraging tutors and an excellent member of the supporting staff The course is very much hands-on. We were given some paperwork each week but to ...
  • Jack Foundation Course – June 2015 Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Excellent ‘top tips’ from Rebecca to help us remember words and actions. Thank you!
  • Sophie Bleasdale Foundation Course – June 2015 I have learnt a lot and enjoyed learning different signs. This will benefit me in the future.
  • Laura Casey-Morton Foundation Course – June 2015 Excellent course, so glad I’ve done it. Friendly, useful, something more people should do. See you on Level 1!
  • Rosalyn Dunning Foundation Course – June 2015 I feel as an introduction to BSL the content was very useful. Great fun and very supportive atmosphere. Really enjoyed the course and would love to learn further.
  • Jon Nelson Foundation Course May 2015 A very good and appropriate introduction into BSL. The class was informative and entertaining. I would highly recommend.
  • Deborah Booth Foundation Course May 2015 I have really enjoyed the course. Met nice people and had a laugh. Rebecca is very good!
  • Savannah Thornton Foundation Course May 2015 A fantastic course with great support and encouragement from tutors. Had a fantastic time. Learnt a new skill that I can proudly show off, thank you!
  • Laura Evans Foundation Course May 2015 I found it really fun and enjoyable. Becky made it easier to learn with her style. I think it was taught at the appropriate pace as Becky made sure (via feedback) what speed to go at. Very good course. Outstanding teacher. Very keen to continue this course towards Level 1.
  • Jane Hogarth Foundation Course May 2015 This has been a thorough grounding, and being able to hold a conversation after 5 weeks is more than I expected. I’m looking forward to Level 1!