February 4, 2011

Signature Level 6 NVQ Certificate in BSL

Course info


Start date:                                                       Duration:                               

15th September 2018                              Will depend on students progress

Class location:                                           Class time:

Calderdale College, Halifax                          Part time 11am-3pm

Entry requirements:

Level 3 Certificate in BSL


Start date:                                                       Duration:                               

22nd September 2018                              Will depend on students progress

Class location:                                           Class time:

Centre for the Deaf, Bolton                      Part time 11am-3pm

Entry requirements:

Level 3 Certificate in BSL



This qualification is designed for learners who can understand and use complex language, express themselves fluently and deal confidently with most work situations. It is useful for those who work on a daily basis with Deaf people, as well as learners who wish to become a British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreter. This qualification uses the UK Occupational Language Standards (CILT 2010), which define competent performance in BSL in both receptive and productive units. Candidates are assessed by an internally assessed portfolio. Candidates will provide evidence for both receptive and productive skills by means of compiling a portfolio of evidence. The full Qualification Specification set out by Signature can be seen here.


You will develop the ability to:

  • Demonstrate BSL competence at an advanced level;
  • Broaden and apply BSL skills required in a range of situations and contexts;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of BSL from a variety of registers in different situations with different people;
  • Communicate confidently, clearly and effectively in BSL using increasingly accurate, complex and varied language;
  • Demonstrate increased knowledge of the grammatical structure and variation within BSL;
  • Demonstrate positive attitudes and sensitivity to language and language learning;
  • Demonstrate insights into and contact with the Deaf community.

There are 5 themes:

  • BSL Knowledge & Skills (Mandatory)
  • Society (Mandatory)
  • Education (Optional)
  • Health (Optional)
  • Work (Optional)

Your are required to cover a minimum of 4 study themes in order to generate evidence for the units (2 mandatory themes and 2 optional themes). The candidate must be able to handle all aspects of everyday work, except where these are outside of their own area of expertise. The candidate must have the language skills to operate independently and at a professional level in the target language. They must also be able to extract complex information from a wide range of sources, signed at normal speed. S/he can handle a range of familiar accents, formal and informal language (including technical vocabulary) and colloquialisms.


Level 6 NVQ Certificate in BSL is from Signature (Awarding Body). A portfolio of evidence will be built by filming various clips (it is a must that the candidate owns or has access to a camcorder or other methods of filming). Candidates will be responsible for completing self assessment on these, upon agreement from the course tutor.


You must be familiar with Signature Level 3 NVQ Certificate in BSL curriculum and hold a Signature Level 3 NVQ Certificate in BSL. You will have a wide knowledge in Deaf Community issues and partake in Deaf Rallies, Meetings, Deaf Clubs, etc.


You may progress from Signature Level 6 NVQ Certificate in BSL to Signature Level 6 Interpreting part 1 and part 2 (BSL/English), in order to become a fully qualified BSL/English Interpreter.

Course cost

Personal: £1595      Work Organisation: £1,850

A deposit of £300 is required prior to the course beginning.

For more information please contact:
Office: 01253 595792 or Jan (text only) 07816363174
Email: info@fyldecoastbslcentre.co.uk